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Battery Storage

For homeowners interested in renewable energy solutions, solar panels present a convenient, economic option. Of course, without a way to harness and save the power created by your solar array, you’re limiting solar’s ability to provide electricity to your home to only when the sun is shining.

A solar-integrated home battery storage system solves this dilemma. MP2 Energy can help you acquire, install, and optimize the usage of a battery so you can add value to your solar installation and save money on your energy bills, while providing backup power to your home.

Benefits of Combining Battery Storage & Solar

Let MP2 get you started with a behind-the-meter battery storage system to take advantage of perks like these:

Strategic Bill Management: When you have a bank of stored power ready in your battery, it’s easy to switch to battery power from grid power to avoid times when energy prices rise. Batteries also help lower your utility’s demand charges--electricity prices determined by your highest usage levels--by helping you flatten your usage profile and avoid sharp increases in demand.

When the sun is shining, your energy is used at your home and the excess energy charges your batteries. When your batteries are at full capacity, the excess energy is sold back to the grid as credits. When the sun stops shining, your home can run off of the battery power that you stored and any electricity demand beyond what you have generated or stored can be purchased from the grid.

Smart Controls: Using sophisticated software, you can program the battery to charge and discharge at optimal times to maximize the benefit to you.

Backup Power: When the grid is down, a battery can be used to power essential household items for hours, many times longer than the duration of the average outage in the United States. This not only expands the usefulness of your solar panel setup, it helps ensure your lights stay on no matter the circumstances. Batteries can also serve as a complement to your existing backup generation. Pair a standby natural gas generator such as Generac with a battery installation and you get more resiliency, less wear-and-tear on your generator, and fewer harmful emissions.

Clean Operation: Battery systems are quiet and do not produce dangerous carbon emissions. They’re also easier than mobile generators to operate, and require less space and less upkeep.

Power Quality: Batteries improve the quality of power and protect grid-connected devices from disturbances like voltage spikes that can make appliances last longer.

Incentive Programs: A number of states and utility companies offer customers financial incentives such as equipment discounts and rebates to energy storage customers. We can help you find and capitalize on any and all qualifying offers.

EV Charging: Models like the sonnenBatterie eco, LG Chem, and the Tesla Powerwall enable electric vehicle owners to charge their cars at home. These can be either standalone installations you charge by simply plugging them into the wall, or paired with solar panels for a truly sustainable solution.

Residential Storage

How It Works

  • 1 MP2 can arrange or coordinate the purchase of your battery system through a preferred vendor.
  • 2 We partner with a contractor to evaluate your home’s energy needs.
  • 3 We develop a plan that utilizes your storage system’s smart software to automatically optimize your use of solar power vs. grid power, so you get maximum savings on your power bill.

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