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Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Although public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming more common around the country, most drivers do more than 80% of their charging at home. And that means EV drivers are using a significant amount of energy, which is likely to be costly and likely not to be from renewable resources.

MP2’s ground-breaking Electric Vehicle Charging program gives residential customers free charging during certain hours. All customers have to do is change their EV charging time settings.

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Your Free Hours EV Charging Plan

Our charging plan provides unique benefits for EV owners:

Unique Plan

Receive a fixed energy rate and market-competitive plan that delivers the electricity for your EV charger and the rest of your home.

Free Hours for Charging

Enjoy free charging during specific off-peak hours, like 12 am - 3 am. Simply schedule your EV’s charging to automatically start at midnight.

Designed for you

Your plan is designed around your vehicle’s unique charging characteristics, including the ability to schedule exact charging times for ultimate convenience.

Customer Service

Take advantage of MP2’s first-class customer service.

EVs for Your Homes

How Does it Work?



All electric vehicle owners with home charging stations are eligible to apply. Your EV must have the ability to schedule charging times in order to take advantage of the free charging window. Most EVs are equipped with a scheduled charging feature.

What Our Customers Say

The plan was unbelievable savings and a giveaway. MP2 being a Shell North America subsidiary lends credence to the organization fair electricity pricing. I had expected increase in electricity cost for owning an EV, surprisingly I saved more by switching provider to MP2 and benefiting from free [hours for] EV charging for the next 5 years. Highly recommend MP2 with or without EV, cannot beat the electricity rate even with other providers gimmick.

J.F. - Texas

The convenience of having free charging hours in your own garage every night as part of the electrical plan is great, a no brainer. I would recommend this plan to anyone who owns a Tesla and also has solar panels.

M.L. - Texas

MP2 Energy’s EV Free [Hours] Charging Plan has been excellent for us and we regret not changing over sooner. We charge two EVs during the free window and our power bill has dropped significantly from our previous provider. Highly recommend!

S.P. - Texas

Total no brainer. I set my car to start charging at midnight. I wake up in the morning and my phone says that my car finished charging at 2:30 am. I’ve got a full battery and know that it didn’t cost a dime … every day.

M.M. - Texas
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