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The 100% Renewable Plan

The average American home uses enough electricity every year to add about 16,000 pounds of CO2 to the air, making it second only to the transportation industry in pollution. A single home switching to sustainable, green power sources stops all those emissions from entering the air we breathe. Just imagine the impact of an entire neighborhood, town, or city doing the same...

MP2’s 100% renewable residential power program backed by Renewable Energy offers a way to ensure all the energy your household uses is drawn only from sustainable sources. You’ll get smarter plans, lower rates, and you’ll be an active part of reducing pollution levels and protecting the planet for future generations.

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Switch to 100% Renewable - Hassle-Free

  • No solar panels.
  • No special equipment of any kind.

Changing your electricity to 100% renewable sources is fast and easy. You won’t experience any disruption in utility services. Once you sign up, you’ll pay a low fixed rate each month that’s market-competitive.

Why go green?

Why Go 100% Green?

Household pollution as a result of electricity consumption is second only to the transportation industry when it comes to the biggest drivers of climate change. And while many conscientious consumers have adopted electric vehicles, many haven’t recognized the important contribution they can make by going green at home.

Signing up for a green electricity plan directly leads to lower carbon emissions and cleaner air. For example, solar power is approximately 20 times cleaner than coal power. Clean air means better health for everyone in the community in the short-term, and in the long-term it helps slow global warming and reduces the effects of climate change. Green energy is also much more sustainable than fossil fuels, which are finite, and require much less water in production compared to fossil fuel-powered plants.

100% of your home's energy from renewable sources without panels on your home

How it Works

As we said, there is no way to separate renewable energy from non-renewable energy once it all enters the grid and flows to your home.

Instead, MP2 offsets your home energy consumption by buying an equivalent amount of renewable energy and adding it to the grid. In other words, you control how the electricity is generated, not delivered.

As more customers switch to renewable energy, more clean power pours into the grid and the benefits for the environment compound. And by going totally renewable at your home, you’re investing in local, renewable assets in Texas and supporting their expansion to more markets in the state and beyond.

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