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Solar Buyback - For Your Home

Solar power is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy today. If you’re one of the millions of homeowners with a solar viable rooftop, you may be wondering how to get the most bang for your buck when investing in this clean energy source.

MP2’s Residential Solar Buyback program is a comprehensive product that enables you to use your home’s solar system to both save money and make money as you export surplus electricity back to the grid.

Benefits of MP2’s Solar Buyback Program

When you team with MP2, your investment in solar is optimized in the following ways:

  • You will be credited for the solar power you export. 
  • In addition to being paid for excess generation, your utility rates will be lower by employing peak offset (switching to solar power during high-demand times when prices are higher). 
  • With long-term buyback contracts (up to 60 months) available, you’ll be less susceptible to power prices rising as a result of a variable rate.
  • Whether generated on-site (from your own solar panels) or off-site (from the grid, when your electricity demand exceeds what your solar panels can produce), your home’s power needs will be met with 100% renewable energy!

How Does it Work?

Once you have solar panels installed, enjoying those solar buyback benefits is as easy as A, B...and that’s it!

  • Step 1: Sign up for MP2’s Residential Solar Buyback program
  • Step 2: Start saving money on your energy bills!

Starting from scratch? MP2 can assist in referring you to a solar installer to get started with your solar panels.

Read the transcript

[Graphic: inside a home at the kitchen table, solar installer (button down shirt, slacks) reviewing information packet with man and woman.]

Congratulations. You are signing up for the simplest solar program in Texas. Period. 

[Graphic: three characters representing (1) MP2 Energy, (2) the solar installer and (3) the local transmission and distribution company are shown on screen] 

For your home’s individual solar program, three organizations work together to provide you the installation, your solar energy  & your backup grid electricity. 

MP2 Energy is your retail electric provider, and you’ll receive a monthly bill from MP2 for your grid electricity usage. 

Your solar panel installer is your solar electricity manager and panel maintenance provider. 

And your local electricity transmission company manages the power lines and all of the infrastructure that brings you electricity from the grid.

[Graphic: solar panels are installed on a residential rooftop]

So let’s get started and get those solar panels on your roof. After the initial site review, the solar installer will install your solar. 

[Graphic: solar installer and local transmission company characters confer] 

Next, your installer works with the transmission company to ensure inspections are performed. If you pass your inspection, the transmission company installs your new meter and will alert you & the installer that it’s safe to turn your system on.  

[Graphic and text: Don’t not turn on solar installation yet] 

It’s important not to turn it on until your transmission company tells you it’s ‘ok’! 

[Graphic: Okay to turn on now!] 


[Graphic: power flows from solar panels through the meter to the home]

Now it’s time to get generating. The system is now operational, and your solar is making and using clean energy. 

[Graphic: electricity is shown going to the home and then to the power lines (the grid)] 

As your solar panels generate power, that electricity can go two different places -- your home or the grid.

[Graphic: a chart is shown on screen displaying a conceptual view of the electricity being used by the home at various times of day, generated by the solar panels, the electricity being exported to the grid and the electricity being brought into the home from the grid.] 

If the solar power, goes straight to your home and you are using exactly the amount that you are generating, you won’t use any electricity from the grid at all. 

If your home is generating more power than you are using, then the electricity is exported to the grid. 

MP2 will credit you for this extra power. 

But remember: 

When the panels aren’t generating enough electricity, you’ll need to draw power from the grid. You’ll see charges on your bill for this “delivered” electricity, as well as charges for grid usage from your transmission & distribution company -- just like you always have.


Have a question and are unsure of whom you should call? Simply visit for a guide. 


Currently, only Texas homeowners with smart meters installed are eligible for this program. Both current and new customers may enroll. Solar buyback will be available in more communities soon.

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