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One Commitment Drives Everything We Do

It is our vision to build the best renewable power company on the planet by focusing on what really matters: You.

MP2 started with a single commitment: First-class customer service. It’s why the vast majority of our customers have chosen to stay with us, even when people currently have more energy choices than ever.

What Makes MP2 so Great?

We Bring Value

We bring the optimally-designed solution to best manage your energy requirements, so you get efficient, seamless access to all aspects of the power markets when and where you need them. By being experts in how electrons are generated and consumed, we can manage our customers’ power flows better, provide better rates, enhanced reliability, and greener power.

We Stand by Our Word

At MP2, you might say we’re a bit old fashioned. We believe in taking the long view when it comes to reputation, and that your word is your greatest asset. So we do what we say we’re going to do and take the time to get “it” right on the front end. Because that’s the right way to do it.

We Know Energy

We’ve been in business for a long, long time. In that time, we’ve built and bought state of the art systems so we can serve clients at every point in the energy cycle, from creation through consumption. We know how those pieces work together. We built our team intentionally, selecting experts in all phases of energy production. We are experts at delivering optimal, efficient solutions for your specific energy needs.

We Hire Real People

We hire genuine, smart people who fully understand the power markets and know how to make our clients happy to handle all aspects of customer service. Our leadership team are renowned for their expertise across every area of power generation, and our customer service team is the best in the business. Everyone is empowered to make decisions, fix issues, and fulfill your requests. Because that’s how it should be.

We’re Building For The Future

Because great service is as simple as effort.


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