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Smarter 100% renewable plans, competitive rates, and a dedicated customer service team to power your home.

Commercial & Industrial Solutions Now Offered Through Shell Energy

MP2 Energy's B2B retail power and energy solutions offerings are now marketed under the Shell Energy brand.

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00.00.01 VO: Wind, solar, natural gas. How much? How little? How many “hows” does it take to meet your business goals? The energy transition can throw a lot at you. Opinions, facts, numbers and data seem endless. What if we could make this whole transition a bit easier to navigate? Shell Energy has the size, scale and solutions to help move you forward.

00.00.27 And while we can take you from A to Z, we know the most important move is often just getting from A to B. We’re already doing it, with some of the world’s leading companies. Providing new and innovative energy solutions, to help you manage your energy consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint. Together we can create a tailored energy roadmap that makes the most sense for your business.

00.00.51 Taking new steps, and seeking ways to accelerate your energy transition. So let’s focus on moving forward, and with our combined expertise, what once seemed challenging, will seem easier by the day. Together, we can build a better energy future.


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